Framaroot App Fast Download | (Install Framaroot apk [2.2.1] for Android Free!)

Root on your Android smartphone and tablet can be very useful. With it you are able to uninstall applications installed by the operator, you can install applications that need root access, use custom ROMs, can overclock the processor of your Smartphone and tablet, and so on. There are a number of methods for root on Android smartphones and tablets, but most of them require complex procedures and are unique to certain models.

Framaroot via vidmate download is a free application capable of root in almost all models of Android smartphones and tablets with just one click. One of the most excellent features of Framaroot is the extensive number of supported devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y, LG Optimus, Nexus, ASUS Transformer, and Padfone, Motorola Droid and Razr, Huawei, Sony Xperia and much more.

How to root in Android with a click

Download the latest version of Framaroot using the below guide. It is a simple guide which helps to root in Android with a single click by mean of framaroot. So use the below guide and root in Android with a single click.

  1. You can read the QR code to download Framaroot from your Android smartphone/tablet or download the APK file to your computer and copy it to the device.
  2. If you downloaded the APK file to your computer, copy it to your smartphone via the USB cable and open it on your smartphone using a file manager, such as the ES File Explorer application.

Because Framaroot is not available on Google Play (Google Play) you need to enable the option to allow “installation of applications from unknown sources” in the Android security settings. Once installed, run the application and it will list the exploits that can be used to root on your device.

It also allows you to select whether to install SuperUser or Super SU. Both work very well. By default, it installs the Superuser. Change this option only if you, for some reason, prefer to install Super SU or if you cannot install Superuser on the device.

  1. Then tap an “exploit” from the list to try to root on the device. If it can root on the device it displays the message that the root was successfully done and that the Superuser was installed via vidmate apk.

If it displays a crash message, try using another exploit. If there is only one exploit or if all listed exploits display failure messages, you will not be able to root on your Android device.

  1. After root on your Android phone or tablet, simply restart it to complete the operation. To restart the device, hold down the “Power” button for a while, then tap “Restart.”

How to undo root

Another interesting feature of Framaroot is that it also allows you to undo root with just one click. Simply open Framaroot, select the action “Uproot” and click on the exploit used to make the root.

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