Australia’s wheel and tyres company Ozzy Tyres goes Digital

The 25-year-old entity has transitioned to the digital medium to expand its reach beyond the country

Tyres form the most important component of a vehicle as they are responsible for moving it forward and halting at the right moment to avoid any mishaps. To make sure there are no loopholes, one needs to choose the best quality products from reliable companies which make sure all safety standards are met. As tyres carry enormous burden, manufacturers have to make sure their products are engineered well and meets all safety standards and has good combination of grip, road feel, ride quality and tyre wear. Many vehicle owners are now opting for aftermarket sets of wheels and tyres as they want to replace their original ones with something that looks more trendier and makes heads turn. However, choosing the best brand is important here as locally made products can prove to be disastrous for the vehicle, and this is where brands like Ozzy Tyres come into the picture. This is one company that stocks a wide range of wheels and tyres under their roof including mag wheels, 4×4 wheels, 4×4 rims, alloy wheels, black rims to Ford Ranger wheels and much more which has many vehicle owners drive to their facilities which are spread across Australia to get their favorite set installed.

This Australian based company has emerged as a leader in this space and offers everything that one is looking for under one roof. There’s no better place if one is looking to upsize their wheels than Ozzy Tyres. What makes customers make a beeline to their showrooms are their wheel and tyre packages that are offered at the most affordable rates, something you would not find at local retail stores. Whether the vehicle is an SUV, sedan or a hatchback, the facility has distinct products for each brand and make that never fails to impress the customers. The company has spread its wings over two decades and today stands firm in the market owing to their outstanding products and top-notch customer service. With hundreds of different styles of wheels like Holden Colorado wheels 18 inch, Holden Colorado rims 18 inch, Nissan Navara rims 18 inch, Nissan Navara wheels 18 inch, LDV wheels 18 inch, Prado wheels, Toyota hilus rims, Jeep Wrangler rims and much more, Ozzy Tyres has successfully penetrated deep into Australian markets and is now eyeing on taking over international markets by establishing its digital presence via its online portal which also lists all the products available at their offline stores.

Speaking about transitioning to the digital space, Ozzy Tyres owner Hussein Chahine says that there was still a vast market which needed to be tapped which was not possible through their physical presence, the reason he started working on establishing the company’s online identity in the form of a web portal which would also stock similar products that are available at their retail stores and can be ordered at the click of a button. The response so far has been encouraging, as orders have been coming in from places where their reach was limited earlier. The brand has already established itself as one of the best as it stocks the best products and after sales services which are incomparable, making them tower above the rest. Now you don’t have to look further as Ozzy Tyres is well within your reach providing the best products at the most affordable prices which make it one of the best amongst all.

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