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Being an integral part of any automobile, Tires has to be of the utmost quality. According to the latest safety standard, Tyres are one of the most important, yet underestimated, parts of modern-day automotive. They are your vehicle’s primary point of contact with the road, and many people are unaware that tires require routine maintenance to perform at their best.

Ozzytyres is a tire company that produces a variety of tires. Its prime focus is on a wide variety of tires for four-wheelers ranging from Porsche cars to the latest car racing. Ozzy Tyres minimize wear and tear of the vehicle and maximize driver and passenger comfort. It reduces the wear of tires, helps to increase their life and performance, improves fuel economy, and improves handling and driving safety by reducing steering and stability problems.

 The design process at Ozzy begins with the customer: marketing compiles information from individual customers. Then, it sends it to Corporate Technical Ozzy’s  R&D and Product Development Division, or the OE customer provides vehicle-specific needs. Ozzy Tyres’ product design strength comes from its team of engineers and scientists. After receiving the requirements, a team is tasked with transforming the customer’s input into a Design Concept.

Out of all the Ozzy tires’ varieties, the hussla and monster tires form the most preferred and outreached products.

Hussla Tyres 

Hussla Wheels are a brand of high-end custom wheels and rims that have only lately entered the Australian market. It has been working on bold, technologically inventive designs that outperform everything else on the market. It is a must-have wheel for your journey, with timeless elegance. The wheels are machine-cut to cool the vehicle’s braking system and come in various custom colors to complement your vehicle. The multi-spoke design provides it with a sophisticated appearance appropriate for any car.

Monsta Mud Tyres 

The Mud Warrior is the name of the tire. It’s the off-road driving world’s tiger. It’s born and bred to excel at one thing. And that’s just pulling small sections of the outback apart one spin at a time. It doesn’t look very nice, just like a tiger, but it’s also awesome. The tread is intended to force water and wet mud away from the tread, ensuring excellent grip even in rainy conditions. It also has an additional load ply rating, which means it can withstand whatever you throw.

And apart from these two well know identities, Ozzy also has some other reliable pieces of tires in the store, including Avant-Garde, Monsta Hybrid, and a few others.

We owe a legacy of over 25 years in this tired industry that has been savoring the customers with the best car advice and outstanding wheel services. 

This was just about the tires. We also offer the following services under the supervision of the best professionals and experts in the market:-

Alloy Wheels 

Wheel and tire packages

Lowering or raising your suspension 

Fitting new wheels

Balancing your wheels 

Wheel alignment

Tire rotation

Custom paint jobs from your rims

Logbook servicing

4×4 accessories and lift kits

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