Using A VPN on Your Android Phone

Cyber criminal activities such as data theft and hacking target not only the more powerful end of our devices like our laptops, nowadays your smartphone also renders vulnerable due to the abundance of sensitive data transmitted through it. To avoid falling prey to pocket-device-targetted attacks, tech experts and researchers recommend that you use a VPN for your Android devices.

Using A VPN on Your Android Phone
Using A VPN on Your Android Phone

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So, what is a VPN and what are the advantages of using one on your phone? This article will bring to light, among other things, why it is advisable to use a VPN for your android devices.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN protects your data by sending it through an encryption tunnel. The process ensures that third parties are unable to decrypt your traffic, and will hence not be able to interfere or snoop around for information. The ‘opaque’ nature of the encrypted tunnel does not only protect privacy and security, by the same token, a VPN can also sneak pass firewalls and geo-blocks to retrieve content from censored sites, returning digital freedom to every internet user.

Advantages of Using A VPN

You Get To Enjoy Security And Privacy

While using fully encrypted VPN connections, users are assured of a private and secure way of sharing information and data. This is because received or sent data is only seen by the sender, the VPN Company and the recipient. The VPN service provider takes care of ensuring that there is no way information sent from a user’s end can be manipulated or at times even traced back. This helps keep secret the identity of a user especially those involved in investigative tasks. In the event that information relayed by a user on VPN is intercepted, then the system makes sure it cannot be understood by the grabber.

Enjoy Access Even To Restricted Sources

Some internet services have location limitations in regard to ease of access. Many of these are live media streaming channels that deny you access if you are outside a specified geographical region. With a VPN connection, you can, however, enjoy such services as long as you have access to a VPN server within the restricted area. The VPN within the said geographical location links you just right and the live streaming channel is not able to detect your real location.

Disadvantages of a VPN

Internet Addresses Are Shared

While accessing the internet using a VPN service, your internet address commonly known as the IP address is hidden. The VPN service instead displays their own. This happens for everyone who is using the service. What does this mean?

That anything done by a VPN member affects you in one way or the other. For instance, you could be blocked from accessing a certain site because another user with whom you share a network did something mischievous and your VPN internet address gets blocked.

It Might Interfere With the Speed of Your Internet Connection

It is possible to have a seemingly reliable internet connection but notice some a decline in quality after the installation of a VPN. In some scenarios, the connections become very slow and unreliable. Worth noting, however, is that not all VPNs behave in this way. With the right VPN service provider, you are assured of uninterrupted connection speeds even after making the choice to use a VPN for your Android devices.

The potential invasion of private information while using a smartphone cannot be overlooked, so a VPN should always be seen as a necessity instead of an option. If you’re not sold yet, consider the convenience of easy de-censorship and video streams speed boosts with just a click of a button. It’s worth noting that while free VPNs are ubiquitous, they can do more harm than good. When something is free, you (and your personal data, ad-view value etc) are likely the commodity. If you’re getting a VPN, do your research and invest in a worthy, reliable one that protects all of your android devices with one account.

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